Smart Syringe 100% Reduction in Needlestick Injuries    


Dr. Mahurkar Introduces
The Smart Syringe

  • Retractable Needle, Single-Use, Safety Syringe
  • 100% Reduction in Needlestick Injuries
  • Needle is Retracted in Plunger.
  • All Components Interlocked After Use.
  • Single-hand Operation & Passive Retraction
  • User-Friendly Robust Design
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Cost Effective and Patented Technology

The entire range of 1ml., 3ml., 5ml., and 10ml syringes, a blood sampling device, an intravenous catheter placement syringe, and guide-wire introducer have been developed and economically manufactured. These inventions are protected worldwide by issued and pending patents.
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The safety syringe devices are available for commercialization by licensing, domestic or offshore manufacturing, and joint development projects.
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